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Promoting biodiversity

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There are many jobs that people do for a living. These jobs are meant to keep the society working and the economy moving. Most people devote their lives to working on something that makes culture or market grow, but little do it for the sake of the planet itself.

It is not necesary to dedicate your entire life to protecting the environment. It is enough to keep in mind that, whatever you do, it might affect the planet. Therefore, when designing a project, you must take on account the impact that it will cause to the environment and the biodiversity. Our planet has a very delicate balance of living beings, and if this balance is ever disturbed, this world could never be the same again. And this is a serious deal, because we live in it. And we need it.

Our vocation is to assess and advice workers and project leaders from public and private spheres into more sustentable ways of doing what they do. Projects don't need to be cancelled, just rearranged so the impact on biodiversity is minimized. 


Environmentally aware plans and actions

They are all possible if you make the right choices


We promote plans and actions that take on account the protection of biodiversity. We work side by side or as external consultants with several public organs and we mean to expand to more and more private companies and projects that could have an impact on the biodiversity and the environment.

Being environmentally responsible is not as difficult as people believe it to be, and often does not result in economical loss or reduced profit. It is just a change of perspective in the early stages of a project. After all, if it is about protecting the land we live in, it is worth it.


Conserving biodiversity is conserving our own homeland for the future, for us and for our offspring.

 Scientifically based schemes

An educational and research structure for all ages 

We mantain an increasing platform of free-access content on biodiversity conservarion and environmental awareness for companies, governments and land owners. We constantly produce papers and research reports generated in our laboratories in Cumbria. Here, we investigate the current state of biodiversity in several regions of the United Kingdom and develop conservarion projects that we present to the authorities. Also, our articles are available for the public to read and get informed.

Some of these productions are also available in this webpage as a sample of our work. If you want to learn more about the state of art of biodiversity in the United Kingdom, or read about our latest discoveries and proposals in the area, contact us. We are open to share our productions with the public and we will receive you at our facilities if you prefer. Our biologists and researches will conduct lectures and panels upon request. We also conduct guided tours for school trips and any group of people. 


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Happy Clients

Saving the world is in the hands of us all.

"Environmental awareness has become indispensable for any socially responsible company. Safe Environment Biodiversity has worked with us within the last five years and we have completely reshaped or productive scheme to help protect the planet we live in."
WavePhase Electronics Inc.

Happy Clients

Saving the world is in the hands of us all.

"Safe Environment Biodiversity is the best environmental agency that I have ever seen. I work with several companies in environmental assessment and I can attest that this is quality service."
By Laura Lane