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History of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the difference in the components of the Earth at every level, from the ecosystem to genes, and the evolutionary and ecological factors that help sustain it. Biodiversity involves all the species; those which are considered threatened, endangered and rare and the organisms about which we know nothing or little like fungi, invertebrates and microbes. Biodiversity is of great significance in all areas, whether in your local area or in the areas away from you; they all help create healthy ecosystems, information you can get from the national archive.

A Brief Description of the Origin of Biodiversity as Per IIED

International Development and Environment Institute’s study of biodiversity began more than a quarter century ago; but that is not what its label indicates. Between the 1980s and 1990s, the primary focus was sourced from the institute’s ground-breaking project about environmental economics. This project was at that time, a new project. From the project, people learnt a lot of new things regarding the trade of wildlife, especially on the issue of ivory economics. There was a book known as Elephants, Ivory and Economics, whose author was Ed Barbier, with the assistance of his. The book was published in 1991, Earthscan. After a short time, the institute wrote its own book, entitled The Hidden Harvest, which was famously used as an evaluation of the purpose of wild foods for the support of local livelihoods. Read More...

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Saving the world is in the hands of us all.

"Environmental awareness has become indispensable for any socially responsible company. Safe Environment Biodiversity has worked with us within the last five years and we have completely reshaped or productive scheme to help protect the planet we live in."
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Happy Clients

Saving the world is in the hands of us all.

"Safe Environment Biodiversity is the best environmental agency that I have ever seen. I work with several companies in environmental assessment and I can attest that this is quality service."
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